We Help Australian's Purchase First Homes

Together with Ausfirst Securities, we have developed an exclusive industry backed product, that allows us to maximise the size of your First Home Buyers grant.

All Inclusive Service With No Fees.

We offer a wonderful free enterprise agreement based on volume, to help hard working Australians to secure their first home and to boost the construction of new homes in Australia.


Why You Need To Get On The Property Ladder

Safe Retirement

With pensions becoming more and more rocky, it’s a good idea to start building equity young. You could spend tens of thousands in renting costs over your lifetime and have nothing to show for it.


You’ll be able to customise your space much more than if you were to just rent your home. Owning your own place gives you the freedom to style it till your heart’s content.


Homes in a good location can increase steadily over a few years. If you buy young, you can sit back and watch your home’s cost rise over the years and inject the profits into another property.


Your first place doesn’t have to be your dream home, and that’s ok. But this home will give you the freedom to do what you want to do, without having to deal with landlords.

Sub Leasing

There’s a huge opportunity to rent out sections of your property to tentants. Your mortgage could be partially covered by the rent received, or even the whole mortgage!

Long Term Growth

With property prices increasing at a steady pace every year, you can expect your home to be worth twice as much in as little as 10 years - without making any home improvements or renovations.


Hundreds Of Happy Homeowners


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