We work with a select number of banks and experienced mortgage brokers who deal with a multiple number of lending institutions and banks.

The funds we contribute towards your purchase is The Kixstaart First Home Buyers Grant and is not a loan.

You may be required to contribute money if your package price exceeds $440,000 or if you upgrade from our standard selection of Inclusions. However, if more deposit is available it may mean more finance options.


WE DO NOT require you to take a second mortgage or a personal loan.

WE DO NOT have higher interest rates as a result of the no deposit product.

WE DO NOT make you pay higher repayments for a period of time to pay back the deposit.


‚ÄčTOTAL FIRST HOME SOLUTIONS actively communicate with Developers & Real Estate Agents throughout South East Qld. We will work with you in securing the right block for your budget and needs.


Seth Peady
Seth Peady – Chief Executive Officer and Founder, has been involved in property development and home building industries for some 35 years. During this time, he has been an active partner in sub-divisions, home construction companies, unit developments, commercial property investments and project marketing. Seth has always brought an innovative approach to the design and functionality of his residential homes and apartments. He is passionate about assisting First Home Buyers, and he realised a long time ago how difficult it is for First Home Buyers to “jump the hurdles” necessary to buy their first home. Seth has over many years developed relationships with many industry leaders which has now culminated in the establishment of The Kixstaart First Home Buyers Grant, to which Total First Home Solutions has been appointed the Sole Distributor. Seths vast experience has also helped with the functionality of design of his residential homes and apartments.